Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kada-sensei and Yamane-kun and Kendo captain, Tatsuya

Kada-sensei and Yamane-kun and Kendo captain, Tatsuya
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So my new desk position, as descibed below, now faces the main courtyard of the school, shown here. This photo was shot at the end of the last school year, and shows Kada-sensei, one of my favorite JTEs, and two of my students and fellow kendo teammates - Hitoshi and Tatsuya.

Japanese teachers, especially the younger ones, get moved around alot, so we had nine new teachers at Taisha Chu after spring break, and i had a new kendo coach, and two new JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English). Which means that other teachers left, including Kada-sensei. But we'll stay in touch via email and he lives close by, so we hope to watch the upcoming Japanese national soccer team matches for qualifying for the World Cup next year together.

You'll notice in this pic that the name of the school is written in English in large letters above the genkan entrance. I wonder how many of my students could write "Taisha Junior High School" if I asked them too, even tho they pass under it everyday. :P

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