Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lisa - the lone woman

Interview practice with Taisha Sho 6th graders - 9
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

This is Lisa getting up close and personal with her group of 6th graders. Lisa is a Jr High ALT who hails from Ohio in the USA. We try not to hold that against her. Anybody that comes from someplace that begins and ends in the same vowel is usually trouble. Of course most of us come from America.... errr.....

Even tho Lisa is a woman, or so I've been told, we still let her play in all our reindeer games. Lisa keeps us all on our toes with her random observations, her salty language, and her "adventurous" driving. But don't let that biscuit-like flakiness fool you - she has laser focus at times, especially when playing air hockey at the local Sega arcade, where she routinely beats all us he-men with her "tiger-crane" style.

Lisa lived in Shimane before as an exchange student and also speaks pretty good Japanese, or so it seems to me, but how would I know anyway.

Lisa is also re-contracting, simply to keep her crown as Air Hockey Queen. We're all happy cuz she's the only one of us with a car. :)

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