Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mark - charming the lads and ladies

Interview practice with Taisha Sho 6th graders - 7
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

This is Mark DeFusco, or as we call him in Izumo, "The Don."

Mark hails from London, England and speaks with a funny accent, just like my parents.

Mark teaches at only one school normally - the top academic High School in Izumo. So this day was a treat for him, as he had never been to an elem school before.

Always up for just about anything, especially if it involves a trip to the local McDonald's in Izumo, Mark is a good guy to have around - just don't ask him about his favorite movies. :)

Mark is recontracting and will be around next year as well, which is good for all of us, cuz karaoke just wouldn't be the same without the unique song stylings of "The Don."

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