Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rusty - he's "dishy"

Interview practice with Taisha Sho 6th graders - 6
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

This is Rusty Kelty, the most Californian Non-Californian I've ever known. He surfs (in Japan) and likes the outdoors, thus combining the Southern Calif and Northern Calif ethos.

Rusty keeps the parties happening at the aptly named Friendship House in Izumo, the apartment building that houses Mark M., Lisa, and Rusty. Always up for a good time, as long as cookies are involved, Rusty will probably see much more of Japan than I ever will - perhaps because he actually leaves his apartment at times and has already found a Japanese girlfriend he fooled into thinking he's actually from California and thus much cooler than he really is.

Rusty actually hails from Vermont, which is famous for nothing apparently, because he tells people he's from Colorado, which at least has a good football team and a decent film festival.

Rusty teaches at 3 of the Junior Highs in Izumo. Lisa teaches at the other three. Neither of them regularly go to elem schools, so this was a fun day for them, mostly becuase we all sang the "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..." song, which involves a great deal of jumping around.

Rusty's a good guy, and I'm glad he's recontracting as well. He also has an Apple iBook - so I know he's got taste as well as the dashing looks. :P

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rusty kelty said...

that is one handsome young man
could you please forward his email address to me
the ladies and i at the home would like him to come and entertain us. Tell him we got some ripe old cookies for him if that is his fancy