Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Night on the Town - Izumo style!

A Night on the Town - Izumo style! - 6
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Locked out!

Dave lives in southern Shimane, and drove up to go climbing with Rusty. Japan, and Shimane in particular, is very safe, and even more so in Dave's small little rural hamlet. So he never locks his car - he leaves the key in a small cubby near the steering wheel. But The Don was last out of the car and locked it behind him as most people would.

Therefore, when we all had finished bowling, we came out to find Dave's car locked with the key inside. Curses!

Dustin pedaled off on his bike to get some food, and I had my scooter. The others were resigned to walking to a local bar before heading home, with the intent of calling a locksmith in the morning. But we found some wire and headed back to try and jimmie our way in. It was about midnight and the bowling alley was closing, so a few Japanese groups were heading out to their cars and noticed the frustrated gaijin struggling to get into the doors or windows. Lo and Behold, two of the guys came over with "slim jims" to try and help us unlock the doors. After about 5 minutes of trying, one of them was succesful and the car was open.
We offered to buy them drinks, but they politely declined - Dave gave them candy he had bought in Korea. So one expensive phone call to a locksmith was avoided. Thanx mysterious Japanese guys!

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