Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Double Peace

Double Peace
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Double peace beats single peace anyday! :)

Some more random recent photos here and below.

Yuki over on the right is practicing for a speech contest with me right now. She's like the funniest person normally, but when she tries to speak English she gets all shy. But she'll get over that and do just fine. Her mom is a elementary teacher at one of my shogakko - cool mom, cool kid. :)

This pic was snapped during gym class - i wander about sometimes when I don't have an English class and wave at the kids or just watch. This day the kids were running laps around the school, so some time waiting for their turn - a perfect opportunity to snap some pics, except that as soon as they see the camera they go into instant pose mode - whipping out the peace sign. I can't resist apparently - why fight it?

Great thing happened today - i was out snapping pics of the "greeter girls" - student officers who stand in front of the large genkan (school entrance where they take off their outdoor shoes) in the morning and greet all the other arriving studetns with a cheery "Ohayo Gozaimasu!" (good morning) - and I noticed that some other students were also out (despite the drizzling rain) collecting money for Tsunami relief fund. I donated 1000yen (the only money I had on me at the time), but then I noticed that one kid came up with a small bag full of 1 yen coins (the equivalent of a bag of pennies). Eureka! I've been dying to find a constructive way to unload myself of the hundreds of 1 yen coins I've accumulated over my first year here. Tomorrow, they are getting some more money from me - a not-so-small bag of 1 yen coins! :)

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