Thursday, October 13, 2005

Word verification on comments

Hello All,

I've been getting "blog spam" a lot lately. Seems some crafty and evil internet types have figured out how to leave random ads and links disguised as comments on blogs. So Blogger has a system, where if you want to leave a comment, you have to type in a list of letters and/or numbers to verify that you're a real human leaving the comment. Just one extra step.

So PLEASE still leave comments if you're so inclined - I love reading them. But if you leave them anonymously, please sign with your name or initials so I know who left the comment.

More pics and updates soon.

C ya,


Emily Watkins said...

I've been getting a lot of those spam comments lately, too. My concern is that real, intelligent people are leaving those comments, so the word verification won't help. But if you notice a dramatic change, let me know, and I'll set it up myself.

I really enjoy your blog! I've bookmarked it! I have a blog, too. It pretty much covers blog related stuff. Drop by if you have a chance.

It's a joke! :P

K said...

Alrighty, I've been patient.

It's time to update yer god dam blog!

Emily, you're funny!
(word verification really does work)