Monday, March 06, 2006

2005-2006 Sentaku Eigo class - end of class pics

2005-2006 Sentaku Eigo class - 15
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My elective English class for the 9th graders finished last week.

It was a tougher class this term, with some strong persoanlities making it difficult to simply teach, but as always, the girls in the class were a delight - enthusiastic about English and willing to play just about game I threw at them.

Here are 5 of my favorite people in Japan (left to right): Kana, Manami, Marina, Konomi & Yuka.

Unfortunately two of the girls from this class had to miss the final class for interview test practice, so Chikako and Yuri are not in any of the pics.

We braved the cold of the hallway outside the language lab and I snapped a few pics of all the kids in class that day in small groups. Click on any photo here and you can see them all at my Flickr site.

Ask Japanese girls to pose or simply count down 3-2-1 CHEESE and this is the photo you'll get. Peace sign every time. So I asked them to try something different and got a few interesting pics, like the pics below...

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