Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taisha Grad vids

Hey Gang,

I've uploaded 5 short vids I took last March at my Jr High during their farewell to the 9th graders and graduation ceremonies.

You can see how solem and somewhat boring Japanese Jr High graduations are - not much clapping or cheering. And see my awesome san nen sei from last year as they walk off into the sunset after it's all over.
And I've included two short clips of the san nen sei walking into our gym for their farewell ceremony, called a Yo Sen Kai. This is where I showed the short picture movie I made, which is also on my YouTube site.

I included this mostly because I know now that at least some of my kids are checking my blog and looking at the videos and pictures I post. Most of them couldn't read, or couldn't be bothered to read, my explanations and decriptions, put they can watch the vids and see the pics.

Anyway - enjoy the vids and I should have more new stuff up by the end of the week.

I'm tired tonight because I worked out with my kendo team after school, after taking about a week off for the Golden Week holidays, and I'm exhausted. It's also started to warm up here a bit, so I was sweating more today, and I'm a bit achy.
But I hope to combine these workouts with some walking I'm doing to hopefully lose some weight in the coming months. I recently went to the movies with my JET friends Trevor and Signe and they both look great, having lost a bunch of weight thru an e-diet and exercise. Kudos to them!


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