Thursday, December 27, 2007

J-List banner ads

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Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Hello -

If you come to my blog regularly, then maybe you've noticed the new box on the right side that is an advertisement/link to a web site called "J-List."

I've shopped on their site for years now, and they have a small incentive program, so if you click on the link thru my page here, I get a small credit for use on the site. I've never put up an ad on my blog before, but I like the guys at J-List, so I'm happy to lend any support I can.

If you're in Japan, then many of the products they sell can also be bought in your local store. If you live in the rest of the world, it's a great site to get unique Japanese items, and they have lots of fun stuff too, like t-shirts and toys and Japanese snacks like Pocky.

The "Yokozuna" t-shirt I'm wearing in this pic is a "J-List Original" shirt - I get a great reaction out of Japanese people when I wear it. It shows that I'm a sumo fan (The term "yokozuna" is the name for the grand champion of Sumo), and it's a little inside joke too, since the font and coloring are identical to a chain of restaurants here called "Yoshinoya."

I also highly recommend signing up for the weekly email update from J-List. The owner/operator, a nice guy named Peter, sends it out each week and always includes some info about living in Japan. But he's also from San Diego, which is my hometown too, and that's where the J-List offices and distribution center is for the United States.

Anyway - I'll probably play around with the graphics and the size and placement of the ad box, but if you have some extra time, click on it and check out the site. (Be aware that there are two sites - one has all-ages items and one also includes items only for adults)

-Jason "Yokozuna" H.

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