Saturday, December 01, 2007

watching sports in October

I had a few days of Sports Watching back in October, so here are a few pics from those days.

I got to see both my schools - Taisha Chu and Hamayama Chu - in action.

I got to see boys and girls tennis...

Taisha tennis at Hamayama Park - 3.jpg

Taisha boys tennis at Hamayama Park - 1.jpg

HJH girls' tennis at Hamayama Park.jpg

and soccer...

Taisha soccer at Hamayama Park - 5.jpg

and track and field...

My Taisha track team is so used to me taking pictures now, they just mess with me and don't take any normal pictures. The girls came up with the "peace star" seen here...

Peace Star - best attempt

4x100 relay team from Hamayama Chu

It was a good few days - most of my kids performed well, but no came in first place or won the whole thing as it were.

These tournaments in October are the first with just the current 2nen sei and 1nen sei without the current 3nen sei, who recently "retired" to concentrate on their high school exams. I also saw kendo and volleyball.

As always you can click on any pic to be taken to my Flickr page to see more pics from those days.

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