Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hamayama JH Bunka Sai - Day One

HJH Bunka Sai - Day One - 86.jpg
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

About half of the 140 pictures I uploaded from Hamayama Jr High's Culture Festival I took on the first of the two days - Saturday, November 17th.

The picture above features one of the many "talent" acts performed by this year's 9th graders. Only the 9th graders can perform - it's like a senior privilege. Here a group of 5 girls, with two of them dressed like boys, sang a song, and then did a short dance. You can see some of the dance at my YouTube site.
Many of the kids sang, and one band played (an all-girl band playing an Avril Lavigne song), and some of the boys did breakdancing.

I took pictures from the whole day, so browse thru the pics on my Flickr site when you have time.

Here is the 5-girl band performing "Girlfriend" by Avril
(you can also see some of this performance on my YouTube site)

HJH Bunka Sai - Day One - 74.jpg

Lots of pics of the kids hanging out in the gym and in the halls:

HJH Bunka Sai - Day One - 68.jpg

I also walked around all the classes - 7th grade thru 9th grade and snapped a bunch of pics of the kids eating bento - we didn't have school lunch this day.

HJH Bunka Sai - Day One - 6.jpg

There are also some pics of the various displays they had set up highlighting some of the projects the kids had been working on, like an art display and a crafts display and a display of the clothes and practical items they made in Home Ec class.

I like many of the same rock bands this student mentions in this art piece...

HJH Bunka Sai - Day One - 102.jpg

It was a really fun two days.

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