Friday, January 04, 2008

pics from Xmas Day and other random shots

Santa Anna and Jason
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Hey Gang -

Another grab bag of pictures. I've included ones I took at school on Christmas Day, like the one of me and Santa Anna above. (It makes me smile when I type "Santa Anna" - maybe you have to be from Texas or Calif to understand)

Also pics I took of the girls on the Track N Field team:

The 8th graders...

8th grade girls on the Track team

and the 7th graders...

7th grade Track team pyramid

Also included are some pics of my new display in my large language lab classroom at Taisha Chu. After 4 years, it's tough coming up with new ideas for decorating, but it gives me something to do on days where I have to work but have no classes. And I enoy it.

New Year display at TJH LL room - 4.jpg

I hope you're having a good New Year's week. More updates soon.


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