Sunday, April 06, 2008

2008 Spring sumo tournament - Osaka

2008 Spring sumo tournament - Osaka - 4.jpg
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I've posted some pics from my recent trip to Osaka, where I got to watch live sumo!

I'm a huge sumo fan, so I love going to see the action in person.

3 other Shimane JETs (Eric, Hugh and Janelle) and I bought box tickets for the final Saturday of the two-week tournament.
We were treated to some awesome bouts - and all my favorite wrestlers won.
I didn't really take any other pictures while I was in Osaka, but I had a great time even though I only stayed for two days.

I shot a ton of video - about 50 minutes of short clips - but when I got home, my FLIP video camera stopped working on me, so the videos are trapped on the camera - I can't get them to download to my computer. :(

But if you go to my YouTube site, you can see some Sumo vids I just happened to shoot using my digital camera and plenty of other videos about sumo.


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