Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nigel Kennedy, Vivaldi - Winter I

I'm a lazy person. I try not to be, but my desire to just sit around often overwhelms my more productive nature.

What does this have to do with masterful violin playing?
Well, being as lazy as I am most of the time, I have an intense admiration for people that possess skills or talents that must have taken them hour upon hour of dedication and practice to accumulate.

Professional and Olympic athletes, virtuoso musicians and singers, scientists, prolific authors, etc.

I've tried to learn a musical instrument - it's not easy. It takes hard works, hours of practice and diligence, and of course, a smidgen of talent helps.

So I find myself coming across these types of videos on YouTube and just watching with a big smile on my face - I'm glad some people are willing to sacrifice for their art and intellect and give the world what we need - beauty and intelligent information.

Some people ask me if I have faith in anything, and I always say yes - I have faith in other human beings here on this planet right now.


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